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January 2015





Creating A Holistic Online Presence To Ensure Better Customer Engagement And Conversion

Creating A Holistic Online Presence To Ensure Better Customer Engagement And Conversion
There is a huge variety of online channels which the local business owners can use to create an online presence. In view of this fact, it is often difficult to pinpoint the sites where the prospective customers might have learned about your venture. However, most customers often tend to verify the authenticity and appropriateness of your business across multiple channels before selecting it to fulfill their needs.

As such it become important for you to ensure that your potential customers are able to navigate between multiple channels in a smooth manner so as to help them make an easy and fast decision. At the same time it is also critical for you to maintain a consistency in the message conveyed about your business on each individual channel.

The first step in the process of creating a holistic online presence is to identify the right online channels for your business. For most local businesses having a strong presence on Google+, LinkedIn and Yelp often proves extremely beneficial for their business. Irrespective of the number of channels you are active on, it is important to make the basic information about your business readily available on each one of them. This might include the address of the business, phone numbers, hours, rates e-mail and other contact information.

In addition it is advisable to provide links of other channels in each individual channel to enable users to easy gain additional information about your business from the integrated sites. For example you can include the links for your business's Yelp page and LinkedIn page in your Google+ page and vice versa. Apart from using the channels to provide information about your local business, you should also do some research and include and regularly update elements that will help in reinforcing your value-add besides adding a personal touch to the venture. These might include uploading your pictures with satisfied clients or sharing other data and information that is useful for the target audience of your business in any manner.

You also need to make sure that the information provided on each channel helps in satisfying any queries that your potential customers might have. Here, you need to understand that in many cases the customers might need to refer to other channels for obtaining satisfactory answers to their questions, which is why it is important to integrate the channels in the first place. Proper integration and smooth navigation across multiple channels enables the prospective customers to explore your business in a holistic manner and help in enhancing customer conversion rates.

Author: Kundan Bora Google+