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September 2014





Invalid Click Detection – The Key To Ensuring A Truly Successful Ad Campaign

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One of the major fears that most marketers harbor is that their competitors might be sabotaging their ad campaigns by unnecessary clicking on their ads to exhaust the daily budgets or even enhance the advertising prices. Now thanks to Google marketers need not worry about any such issues as the company helps them to keep a close eye on ho is click their ads and with what intention.

The Google Adword system is designed to monitor unintentional or are being produced with the help of malicious software for carrying out illegitimate ad clicking activity. The system observes and classifies each click as good or bad depending on the whether they provide any value to the marketers or are just used for increasing the advertiser's costs in an artificial manner. However, before that can happen, the ad creators need to activate the Invalid click detection feature within their Adword account. The feature can be activated collectively for all current campaigns by selecting the "Add Invalid Clicks" in the Performance menu of the Customize Columns options under the Columns drop down menu on the Campaigns page.

The Adwords system not only helps in filtering the bad clicks but also enables the marketers to check how many such clicks are being received by their advertisement as well as their percentage in the overall ad activity. This in turn enables them to monitor the real activity created by their ads and the overall performance in context with the established targets. Another advantage of activating the invalid click detection feature ensures that the marketers do not need to pay for any invalid clicks they might receive for specific ad campaigns.

Author: Kundan Bora Google+