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December 2014





Learning About Using Customer Journeys To Enhance Your Online Business

Learning About Using Customer Journeys To Enhance Your Online Business
One of the key aspects of ensuring the success of your online business is to enhance your audience base by adding new customers. For that it is important to understand the methods used by potential customers to find your business and the criteria for choosing you. This information can be gained by interacting with new customers and enquiring specifically about the pathways that led them to your business.

These pathways, also known as customer journeys, can help you to create strategies for reaching out to a greater number of audiences and ensuring better conversion rates. Let us consider a few examples of customer journeys, which start with a customer need and end with customer conversion.

Let's take the example of Prashant, the owner of a small chain of restaurants named Urban Degchi, in Delhi. The customer journey for most of his clients began through word of mouth publicity. A prospective client sought reference about a good eating joint from a friend and was informed about Urban Degchi. The client conducted a further online research about the restaurant using the various online search and review channels including Google +, LinkeedIn and Yelp. The actual conversion took place only when the customer felt completely satisfied about Urban Degchi being a good place and actually went there to enjoy a bite.

Another example can be that of Sanjeev, who is a realtor by profession. For him, the customer journey begins when client seeking to buy or rent a home asks around for a property agent and is referred to Sanjeev. As in Prashant's case, the prospective customer conducts a research and on finding Snajeev to be a satisfactory realtor, approaches him to help find a suitable house. This is when the actual conversion occurs and the customer journey ends.
Online Customer Funnel
Apart from gaining information about the customer journeys, it is also important to understand that need to remain active in various online channels that the potential customers might use to find your business. This not only includes providing regular business updates for customers through these channels but also to ensure that the information provided contains words and phrases that the customers are most likely to search online.

With most people using a maps app to find the business they are looking for, having a Google + page extremely essential for your venture to feature in the local search results. You should also consider creating a strong presence on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, to attract customers who feel the need to verify credentials and connections before selecting a business.

Author: Kundan Bora Google+