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December 2014





Understanding The Basic Aspects Of Taking A Local Business Online

Understanding The Basic Aspects Of Taking A Local Business Online
One of the key questions that local business owners need to answer in order to create a strong online presence is what makes their venture better than that of their competitors. The answer to this query determines the value-add of a local business and in order to sustain the high level of competition in the internet market, every local business needs to have unique value-add. For example in case of a restaurant like Urban Degchi, the soothing and calm ambience along with the availability of great food can be its value-add.

Once the local business owners have identified the value-add for their venture, they need to become aware of the objective of taking their business online. The responses to this question can be broadly classified into three major categories. The first category consists of business owners who move online to simply increase their profitability and business revenue. The second category is made up of business owners, who intend to use the online venture to minimize operational costs and also save time. The third category is formed by business owners committed towards ensuring greater customer satisfaction.

Since most business owners have the objective of increasing revenues by taking their venture online, let's focus on that for a while. The best ways to increase revenues is by adding new customers or turning the current customers into repeat clients. For this the local business owners need to provide their contact information as well as the hours of working, especially during the weekends.

For businesses that have been operational online for some time, bringing down the costs and saving time also become quite important. For example Sanjeev, who is a realtor based in New Delhi, can use various channels to let his clients know about his services in a cost effective manner. This will not only help him reach out to a greater number of clients at a rapid pace but also leave him with enough time to explore new properties.
Online Customer Funnel
As the local business establish their venture online, their goals might expand to include ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. This can be achieved by providing useful advice and guidance to the clients through articles, blog-posts or other such relevant content updated across various channels.

Once these basic issues have been addressed, it is also important to understand the actions that would actually ensure the conversion of potential customers into loyal clients. The process actually constitutes of various sub processes and only proper conversion can result in increase in revenue as well as achievement of other online objectives for a local business.

Author: Kundan Bora Google+